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India Grey Carved Soapstone Copper Geometric Etched Salt Pepper Shakers Set of 2

* Set of two salt and pepper shakers
* Hand-carved from grey soapstone
* Etched copper color geometric pattern
* Opening at the bottom with plastic caps
* 1.5" diameter, 3.5" height
* Minimal design
* Made in India


Agra Stone is our collection of hand-carved products from natural stone. Agra has been a traditional cluster of stone carving artisans for hundreds of years. The grandfathers and forefathers of the current artisans were once part of building the beautiful Taj Mahal of Agra. Our collection of home decor and kitchen tools are made from naturally occurring stones such as marble and soapstone. Our marble stone products are made from the stone cut from the same marble quarries that built the Taj Mahal. These products are examples of their solid and intricate carvings that take hours of manual work. Each stone is chiseled by hand and crafted as a free art form.