Kamba Carve

Wood carving provides artisans in Africa with a sustainable source of income for their craftsmanship. In Kenya, wood carving is practiced by the Kamba tribe. Wood carving is a part of Kamba spirituality. They believe God, who they call Ngai, imparts shape to all living things. Carving is seen by the Kamba people as one of Ngai's creative efforts.
We source products from wood workshops across Rwanda, Kenya and Ghana. Our products are primarily made from olive wood and jacaranda wood. You can browse through our collection of salad bowls, scoops, cooking spoons, cheeseboards, and home decor. Our favorites from the collection are hand-carved olive wood bowls. They are perfect for serving a dish or use as a salad bowl. The skill and craftsmanship of the artisans can be seen in the smooth finish, natural grain, and carved details. All the products from the collection are ethically sourced.