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India Hand Carved Etched Mandala Rustic Mango Wood Hook Set of 3

* Set of three hooks
* Hand-carved from mango wood
* Etched with mandala pattern
* Rustic whitewash finish
* Each hook measures 6" length, 2" width
* Keyhole at the back to mount
* Iron hooks to hang
* Sustainably produced
* Made in India


Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh is one of the most popular wood carving centers in India. Our shop is a dedication to the open-air wood market in Saharanpur. It is a bustling street market with a wide variety of items that include furniture, toys, lamps, lanterns, and boxes. We hope our collection will bring you a little closer to Saharanpur. Woodcarvers of Saharanpur are known for their fine carvings, unlike others. You can see their detailed craft in some finely etched pieces. Traditional wood crafts from Saharanpur can be distinguished by their signature carvings like trees, flowers, leaves, and creepers. Their modern carvings include geometric patterns. Saharanpur is equipped with all the processes that are involved in making the product - woodcutting, woodturning, polishing, and carpentry. With changing times, machines have replaced some of the art that was once exclusively produced by hand. This has also provided artisans to produce more and create value for their craft. Unlike other traditional craft clusters, Saharanpur's woodcraft has a wider appeal and is flourishing.