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Senegal Extra Large Hand Woven Grass Colorful Herringbone Basket with Flat Lid

* Extra-large storage basket
* Multicolored herringbone pattern
* Cut out handles and flat lid
* Woven from grass and multicolored recycled plastic ribbons
* Approx. 15" widest diameter, 17" height
* Each basket is hand woven, expect 1.5" variations in dimensions
* Weavers use varying colored plastic ribbons
* Uses traditional coil style weaving technique
* Handwoven by Wolof women
* Made in Senegal
The Wolof people in Senegal are known for weaving colorful baskets from locally harvested cattail stalks and strips of plastic. They weave handmade baskets of different sizes and shapes over banter and shared laughs. These groups of women empower themselves and their tribe through the practice of this traditional craft.
Dakar, Senegal's capital city, is filled with many craft markets and artisan groups like the Wolof Women. The Wolof women are strong-willed and independent women. They are challenging patriarchal norms by becoming income earners in their households. The Wolof women bond over a mutual interest to eradicate poverty and provide better opportunities for their younger ones.
This coil style of basket weaving has been practiced in Senegal for generations. The technique has been preserved by Wolof women by teaching their daughters and nieces. Traditionally, baskets were woven by binding thick local grass with thin strips of palm frond. Palm fronds were difficult to work with and were hard on the weavers' hands. So, recycled plastic ribbons were introduced to replace palm fronds. This simple change in material greatly reduced discomfort during the weaving process.
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