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Tambats, Copper Smiths from India.

Tambats, are a community of Copper Smiths that came and settled in the Pune city in the state of Maharashtra in India. They migrated 400 years ago from regions around Pune on the invitation of the Peshwas, the rulers of the region at that time. Tambat Ali is a neighborhood of Tambats in Pune, that still exists around today. Ali, meaning street in Maratha, the language of the region. Tamba means copper in Marathi and hence the name Tambats. Tambats make copper goods by a traditional method of hand hammering a copper sheet. Working with copper sheets by hand is a work of patience and craft. The constant hand hammering fills the alleys of Tambat Ali with a thak thak sound.

Tambats traditionally made household items for Peshwas, such as boxes, rolling pins, utensils and copper pots for heating water. They also made items used in war, like swords, shields and ammunition. Today, Tambats make products that are more relevant like planters, coasters, trays etc. The Artisan Variety brings a handful of copper goods to introduce the traditional hand hammered work of art. 

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