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Burkina Faso Large Wooden Sun Tribal Wall Hanging

* Large tribal wooden wall hanging
* Radiating sun with face details
* 22" length, 20" width, 1" depth
* White, black and brown color
* African cultural significance
* Carved by bwa tribe of Burkina Faso
* Used in dance ceremonies
* Known to promote fertility and harvest
* Hand carved from alstonia stool wood
* Made in Ghana by Burkina Faso refugees

Bwa is an african tribe native to Burkina Faso. Bwa people are known to make masks as a representative of Dwo, the creator spirit. They make masks made out of wood to represent the spirits who protect them. Bwa people wear these masks during rituals to tell stories of their encounters with spirirts. Bwa masks are typically painted in red, white and black. Our masks are produced by Bwa refugees living in Ghana.