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Agra Stone, Hand-carved natural stone decor from Agra, India.
Bangla Terra, Terracotta pots and planters by artisans in Bangladesh.
Bat Trang Beauties, Ceramics from Vietnam's pottery village BatTrang.
Zajaj, Hand-blown glass wares from Hebron, Palestine.
Burkina Bronzes, Modern bronze sculptures by metal artisans of Burkina Faso.
Dine Palestine, Hand painted ceramics from West Bank, Palestine.
Philippines Acacia, Hand carved acacia wood dining from Philippines.
Rwanda Sisal Baskets , Handwoven baskets and basket bowls from East African countries.
From Bolgatanga, Handwoven elephant grass baskets from Ghana.
Philippines Fiber Weaving, Handwoven natural fiber decor from Philippines.
Indonesia Wood, Hand carved and hand painted wood decor from Bali, Indonesia
Rwanda Wood, Handcarved wood collection from wood workshops of Rwanda.
Jaipur Block Printing, Hand-block printed textiles from Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Bangladesh Baskets, Handwoven baskets made from jute and other local grasses in Bangladesh 
Kamba Carve, Hand carved wooden bowls and more by Kenya's Kamba Tribe.
Kashmiri Paper, Hand painted paper pulp products from Kashmir, India.
Kisii Stone, Hand-carved soapstone decor by Kisii tribe of Kenya.
Mate Burilado, Handcarved natural gourds from Peru.
Maasai Beads, Colorful beads art by Maasai tribe of Kenya.
Metal Nagri, Metalwares from the Brass City, Moradabad in India.
Paper Choi, Hand quilled paper art from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Pakistan Unearthed, Handcarved natural stone onyx and marble decor from Pakistan. 
Pottery de San Juan, Ceramics from the pottery village, San Juan de Oriente in Nicaragua.
Saharanpur Wood Market, Handcrafted wood decor from wood carving artisans in Saharanpur, India.
Seagrass Village, Baskets from the handicraft village Kim Son in Vietnam.
Senegalo, Handwoven coil style baskets by Senegal's Wolof tribe.
Shona Stones, Stone figurines by Shona Tribe of Zimbabwe.
Singing Tibet, Sand cast brass artifacts by Tibetan artisans in India. 
Wool Silpa, Hand pressed sheep wool craft from Nepal. 
Zimbabwe Wood, Hand carved mahogany wood bowls from Zimbabwe.
Tagua Nut Carving, Hand carved vegetable ivory decor from Ecuador