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Artisan Variety Small Box Holiday Bundle

* Gift bundle
* Curated collection for holidays, mother's day, father's day
* includes 4 items
Rwanda Mini Natural Hand Woven Blue Diamond Sisal Basket Bowl
* Mini basket bowl
* 7" diameter, 2" height
* Tea colored basket
* Blue diamonds pattern weaving
* Handwoven from forest grasses and sisal fibers
* Tea color derived from brewing tea leaves
* A loop is attached to hang as a wall decor
* Sustainably sourced
* Made in Rwanda
* May be substituted with a pink, teal or green pattern bowl
Six Little Bars Divine Chocolate
* A package of 6 miniature 1/2 oz. Divine chocolate bars
* Dark Raspberry
* 70% Dark
* Milk with Toffee & Sea Salt
* White Strawberry
* 85% Dark
* Milk
* Cocoa sourced from small-scale farmers cooperative in Ghana
Iraq Small Hand Painted Colorful Floral Ceramic Bowl Candle
* Small size candle bowl
* Lavender scented wax
* Cotton wick
* Hand-poured candle
* Handpainted bowls
* Vibrant floral pattern
* Glazed finish
* 3.5" diameter, 2.5" height
* Inspired from iznik pottery
* Made in Iraq
Kenya Mini Red Beads Christmas Tree Ornament
* Red and white beads mini tree
* 6"" height, 2"" length, 2"" width
* Made from metal wire, red beads, and white beads
* An orange ribbon loop to hang
* Made in Kenya
* May be substituted with a gold or green color tree
Our gift bundles are a collection of our best selling products on We assembled these gift bundles to give beautiful and socially conscious gifts to your friends, family and loved ones.