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Global Home Decor Bundle

* Gift bundle
* Curated collection for holidays, mother's day, father's day
* includes 4 items
Uganda Large Hand Woven Raffia Black Pink Petal Basket Bowl
* Large basket bowl
* Floral pattern
* Black, pink and green color
* A loop is attached to hang on walls
* 17" diameter, 5" height
* Handwoven from banana stalks and raffia fibers
* Sustainably sourced
* Made in Uganda
India Hand Block Lotus Vine Print Cotton Napkin Set
* Set of two napkins
* 20" Length, 20" Width
* Lotus vine pattern
* Blue, green, and orange colors
* Cotton fabric
* Sanganer style or calico printing technique
* Uses wooden blocks for printing
* Wash in cold water with vinegar before first use
* Machine wash cold and line dry
* Made in Rajasthan, India
Vietnam Hand Painted Blue Ceramic Spoon Rest
* Ceramic spoon rest
* Minimal design
* Navy blue and brown color
* 5" length, 4" width, 1" height
* Handmade and fired in a wooden kiln
* Traditional craft
* Made in Bat Trang Village in North Vietnam
India Hand Carved Etched Mandala Rustic Mango Wood Trivet Set
* Set of two wood trivets
* Hand-carved from mango wood
* Etched with mandala pattern
* Rustic whitewash finish
* 7" diameter
* Trivets make a beautiful country side table setup
* Sustainably produced
* Made in India
Our gift bundles are a collection of our best selling products on We assembled these gift bundles to give beautiful and socially conscious gifts to your friends, family and loved ones.