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India Recycled Iron Small Terracota Pots Plant Stand Set of 4

* Set of two small iron plant stands and two terracotta pots
* Ideal for desks, consoles and end tables
* Stands made from recycled iron wire
* Metal plant stands can be used outdoors
* Short stand - 6" rim diameter, 8" height
* Tall stand - 4.5" rim diameter, 6" height
* Etched stripe design on terracotta pots
* Rustic whitewash finish on pots
* Small pot - 4.25" diameter, 4.25" height
* Medium pot - 6.25" height, 6.25" diameter
* Antique copper finish
* Weatherproof finish
* Artisans in Moradabad, India create metal crafts by cutting, welding, embossing and painting by hand
Uttar Pradesh is the largest copper making region in India and Moradabad is the biggest metalware hub in Uttar Pradesh. It is known for its brassware industry and is locally called Peetal Nagri, meaning brass city. The city was originally famous for brasswares and over time other metals like iron and aluminium have been introduced. The ancient craftsmen of Peetal Nagri made sculptures of gods and goddesses. Today the cluster makes functional wares for everyday such as planters, wind chimes, candle holders, lanterns and various home decor items.