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Bangladesh Handwoven Colorful Kaisa Jute Basket Set with Lids

* Set of three colorful storage nesting grass baskets
* Cutout handles and lids
* Wrapped with color dyed jute fibres
* Cutout handles
* Large - 21" diameter, 16" height
* Medium - 18" diameter, 14" height
* Small - 15" diameter, 12" height
* Handwoven from kaisa grass and jute fibres
* Kaisa grass is a sturdy local wild grass
* Sustainably produced
* Made in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Bangladesh is known for handcrafted baskets. Artisans use locally available grasses, fibers, and leaves such as Hogla, Kaisa, Jute, and Palm leaves to make sturdy baskets. All-natural materials are cut green and dried to a tan color before they are woven into baskets. All materials used for weaving are cut such that they grow back every season and thus making them a sustainable source. Some baskets are also woven with cotton fabric and leather to create unique details.
Baskets are woven mostly by women. Women weave baskets at the convenience of their homes. This allows them to run households and earn income for their family. Our collection of Jute Kaisa Hogla baskets are exclusively sourced from artisan cooperatives based in Bangladesh.