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Bangladesh Mini Rustic Succulent Terracotta Fish Frog Turtle Planter Set

* Mini terracotta pot set
* Set of three planters
* Fish, Frog and Turtle planters
* Etched with intricate details
* Rustic whitewash finish
* Approx 3" height, 3.5" width, 5" depth
* Drainage holes in the bottom
* Glazed finish inside
* Handmade pottery
* Made in Bangladesh


Using a simple wheel and deft fingers, potters today in Bangladesh make various functional domestic pottery like planters, pots, bowls, and toys. There are two traditional ways of making clay items in Bangladesh, on the wheel and by hand. Toys, dolls, and figurines are made by hand or using shape moulds. Pots, pans, jars, bowls, pitchers, storage vessels, etc., are made on the wheel or by combining both techniques. The wheelwork is typically a men's job and women do hand modelling, shaping, finishing, etc. Once the clay dries, it is burned in a fire to solidify the product. Heating in fire gives the clay object a orange-reddish color, a very typical color of Terracotta pottery.