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Rwanda Hand Carved Natural Beige Musave Wood Cooking Set

* Set of four cooking spoons
* Round cooking spoon
* Round slotted spoon
* Turner spatula
* Narrow paddle spoon
* Spoons measure 12.5" length, 1.5" width
* Handcarved from musave wood
* Polished with beeswax
* Handwash only
* Apply oil regularly to maintain
* Made in Rwanda

Inkwi Ubukori means woodcraft in Kinyarwanda, the local language of Rwanda. We have curated beautiful hand-carved wood products made from the wood workshops of Rwanda. Artisans carve functional cooking utensils, decor, and bookends from jacaranda and musave wood. Artisans use traditional crafts to create modern goods for today's everyday life. All wood for the products is sourced locally and is renewable. This ensures sustainable production for the artisans. Some of the artisans have learned wood carving from their fathers and are continuing the tradition of woodcraft. Inkwi Ubukori provides artisans with a continuous source of income and support. Our collection is unique, hand-carved and sustainable.