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Uganda Small Hand Woven Raffia Brown Loops Basket Bowl

* Small basket bowl
* Loops pattern
* Brown, blue, black, and natural colors
* A loop is attached to hang on walls
* 10" diameter, 2" height
* Handwoven from banana stalks and raffia fibers
* Sustainably sourced
* Made in Uganda

In Uganda, weavers make beautiful baskets using color dyed raffia palm leaves around a coil of bukedo. Bukedo is the local Ugandan term for banana leaf stalks. Banana leaf stalks are pulled apart into thin long strips, dried, bundled into coils and wrapped with raffia palm. During the weaving process, weavers must skillfully add bukedo as they weave to keep the coil shape and size consistent. Women learn weaving techniques from their mothers, grandmothers and aunts and pass them to next generation. All materials are locally sourced and renewable, making the baskets sustainable. Our baskets are sourced from a women's cooperative in Kampala, Uganda.