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Ghana Large Hand Woven Olive Green Navy Grass Leather Basket Set

* Set of two shallow pot baskets
* Small and large size
* Handwoven basket from natural and color dyed elephant grass
* Light green, navy, and natural colors
* Brown and cream leather handle
* Set of two handles
* Small - 13" diameter, 7" basket height
* Large - 15" diameter, 11" basket height
* Dimensions may vary by an inch or two
* To remove creases, dampen basket in water for one minute and reshape
* Sustainably sourced
* Made in Ghana


Our vibrant colorful baskets are made by a women's artisan co-operative in the Bolgatanga region in Northern Ghana.
Artisans weave baskets using Veta Vera grass, a tropical grass grown in Southern Ghana. The grass is harvested, stored, and transported from Southern Ghana to Northern Ghana. Elephant grass is dyed, dried, twined, and woven into a basket. Grass staws are carefully selected by the weaver before weaving. It takes 3 days to weave a medium size basket. These baskets are exclusively woven in the Bolgatanga region in Northern Ghana.
Basket weaving is a major contributor to the Bolgatanga economy. Around 22% of their population is involved in weaving baskets. Get hold of these beautiful baskets by purchasing from our brand, From Bolgatanga.