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India Kalamkaari Floral Block Print Cotton Table Runner

* Table Runner
* 72" Length, 14" Width
* Floral pattern
* Brown, yellow, green and, blue colors
* Pure cotton fabric
* Traditional kalmakaari craft
* Colored by all natural vegetable dyes
* Machine wash cold and line dry
* Made in Andhra Pradesh, India


Kalamkaari fabrics are fabrics produced exclusively with vegetable dyes. The art on kalamkaari fabrics is made using a pen or a carved wooden block. Wooden blocks are more predomintatly used to create fabrics on a large scale. Pen drawings on Kalamkaari fabrics are freestyle drawings made by very skilled artisans and is used for making Indian gods and goddesses. The dyes used for kalamkaari are derived from natural products such as turmeric, molasses, cochineal, indigo and flower extracts.