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India Kashmiri Painted Floral Bunny Trinket Gift Box

* Decorated trinket gift box
* Bunny shape
* 4" length, 2" width, 3" height
* Navy, red, pink, and green colors
* Handpainted vibrant floral patterns
* Traditional kashmiri craft
* Handmade from paper mache
* Made in India


Kashmiri paper is a collection of artifacts using the traditional paper mache craft of Kashmir. It is the art of transforming paper pulp into intricately decorated pieces like boxes, vases, ornaments and trays. Paper mache craft involves two groups of artisans. One group Sakhta-saz creates the base paper pulp piece and the other artisan group, Naqqashi, creates beautiful art work on the paper mache piece. Naqqashi artisans draw various motifs that represent the life of Kashmir in India. Paper pulp products are light weight and durable. The lacquer coat on the products protects them from water and makes them durable.