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India Large Pure Copper Planter

* Large planter
* Rough finish edges
* No drainage hole
* 12" diameter, 6" height
* Hand-hammered from solid copper sheet
* Finished with lacquer coat to slow oxidization
* Acquires a patina over time
* Clean with moist cloth
* Crafted by traditional coppersmiths or tambats
* Made in Pune, India


Tambat Ali in Pune is filled with sounds of hand hammering on copper metal sheets. Tamba in Marathi means copper, and Tambat is a coppersmith. Tambats or coppersmiths have made Tambat Ali area in Pune their home. The tambats migrated to Pune during the King Shivaji's rule. Tambats were patronized by the king and royal families to manufacture armors and swords.
Tambat Ali means alleyway of coppersmiths in Maratha, the local language of Pune. Every day in Tambat Ali, except Sunday, you can hear the sounds of copper being hammered and the burning of the furnace from 7:30 am till 8 pm. The alleyway is filled with copper vessels like water jars, tumblers, buckets and other everyday items. All the copper items are made using the traditional hand hammering method. The tradition of hammering copper is a metalworking tactic used for generations to strengthen the surface area of copper sheets. Our collection Tamba aka copper hopes to revive the traditional metal craft.