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Kenya Mini Round Red Beads Flower Christmas Tree Ornament

* Festive round dollar ornament
* Beaded flower on the dollar
* A nice addition to your festive decor
* Made from metal wire, green, clear, and gold beads
* 3" diameter, 1" width
* An orange ribbon loop to hang
* Handcrafted by Maasai tribe
* Beads play a significant cultural and traditional role in Maasai tribe
* Made in Kenya


People of maasai tribe wearing colorful beads has been a symbol of Africa for ages. Beads to the Maasai tribe is a sign of who they are. Beads are worn by gender, age, marriage and the clan of the tribe. Young men wear beads to show they belong to a certain age. Men born in the same decade are considered as same age group and wear similar necklace. The necklaces worn by women show a significant information about their marriage status, the dowry they received and the interests they have. When a girl's marriage is arranged, one of the first things that the Mother does is make an engagement necklace for the bride to be. A wedding necklace is also made showing the map of their community in a collar shape. The color of the beads is also carefully chosen based on the event. Blue symbolizes sky, red symbolized blood, green symbolizes earth, orange symbolizes friendship, yellow symbolizes fertility, white represent health and black means unity. Earlier, seeds and dried colored grass beads were used to make necklaces. Today, plastic beads are predominantly used in making bead craft. Our Maasai bead art is a collection of home decor showcasing the beauty of the bead art by Maasai Tribe.