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Morocco Black Hand Painted Ceramic Large Planter

* Large ceramic planter
* Black colored pattern on white
* 8" diameter, 9" height
* Microwave and dishwasher safe
* Handmade pottery
* Traditional hand painted moroccan design
*Black and white colors
* Made in Morocco


Morocco is known for its vibrant and colorful hand painted pottery. Ceramics are made in different shapes, sizes and for a variety of purposes. Fez, Meknes and Safi are the main centers of moroccan pottery. Ceramics are made using red clay, an abundant source in Morocco. The availability of clay has made pottery, an integral part of Moroccan culture. All ceramics are made from locally available clay, and fired in a wooden kiln. The ceramics are then hand painted with naturally occurring colors in traditional arabesque patterns. The final process includes glazing the ceramics to seal the beautiful colors and patterns. Our collection Moroccan Ceramique stands out for beautiful functional pieces to serve and eat. This collection will bring a piece of Morocco into your home.


Lemon Cheese Olives is a collection of ceramics from the mediterranean countries Palestine and Morocco. All ceramics are painted in a signature style of the region they are produced from. Our collections are sourced from family run workshops in Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. Fathers and grandfathers teach their sons the art of pottery making and preserve the craft.