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Nepal Hand Pressed Sheep Wool Avocado Toast Ornament

* Felt avocado toast ornament
* A tribute to the best open sandwich
* 3" length, 3.5" width
* Details of bread, avocado spread, sesame seeds and chilli flakes
* Green, brown and red colors
* 3" long loop to hang
* Bring your brunch to your christmas tree this year!
* Hand-pressed from sheep's wool
* Sheep's wool dyed in non-toxic colors
* Sustainably produced
* Made in Nepal


Our felt products are made from sheep wool by artisans in a production center in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. Artisans use soap and water to press and roll sheep's wool with bare hands to create felt. The felted products are made in many shapes to create planters, bird houses, garlands and other decorative items. Sheep's wool can also be dyed to create bright and colorful felt. Artisans also stitch and do applique work to make unique collections. As most of the felt making process is made by hand, these products have a relatively low impact on the environment. Our products are sourced from an artisan co-operative that provides fair wage employment to artisans in a clean and safe environment.