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Nicaragua Terracotta Leather Hanging Planter

* Terracotta hanging planter
* Terracotta pot
* Leather hanging handles
* Pot - 4" height, 5.5" diameter
* Hanging Cord - 18" length
* No drainage hole
* Use indoors or outdoors
* Handmade from clay on non-electric pottery wheel
* Woodkiln fired
* Made in Nicaragua


San Juan de Oriente is a Pottery Village in Central American country Nicaragua. San Juan has been a pottery center since pre-Colombian times and has a well recognized pottery style. Archeological sites in Nicaragua found pottery for daily cooking, eating and funerary vessels that dated 2000 yrs ago.
San Juan has deposits of abundant clay that were created from a volcanic activity in the past. This abundance of raw material has provided people of San Juan to continue the art of pottery. A number of family run workshops continue to keep the traditional art going.
Our collection, Pottery de San Juan, is a modern take on the traditional pottery of San Juan. The products are utilitarian and are pieces of art.