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Palestine Blue Hebron Glass Icecream Bowl Set

* Set of two small bowls
* Made using traditional hand blown glass techniques
* Dark blue color
* Each measures 4.5" diameter, 1.75" height
* Sustainably produced
* Made from recycled glass bottles
* Made in Hebron, Palestine


Hebron city has a flourishing glass industry that is centuries old. Hebron city practices the traditional phoenician glass blowing. Phoenician glass blowing is a skillful art. Artisans blow molten glass through an iron pipe into a tool called kammasha. Kammasha is a metal shape tool that creates the shape for the handblown glass. The handblown glass sculpture is returned to the furnace and reshaped by the same process before being detached from the pipe. The final product is placed into a cooling chamber. Each glass blown product is unique and is a piece of art. Artisans sometimes add color additives to the molten glass to create a range of colors. The added colors create unique patterns that make glass products from Hebron stand out. Today, glass blowers in Hebron use sustainable practices like creating glass wares with recycled bottles. Glass blowing is a family trade in Hebron. With more modern techniques on the rise, the art of traditional glass blowing is being preserved and practiced by a few families that own glass factories in the city.