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Peru Mini Gourd Colorful Owl Ornament Set

* Set of two colorful gourd ornaments
* Wide-eyed owl design
* Approx. 2" length, 2.5" height
* Bright colors
* Colorful beak accents
* Traditional Peruvian craft
* Patterns are created by burning and engraving
* Hand-carved from natural gourds
* Varying gourd sizes
* Thread loop for hanging
* Made in Peru


Mate Burilado means carved gourd in spanish. It is a symbol of traditions and beliefs for the Andean communities of Peru. It is an ancient traditional craft. There are gourds that are as old as 3000 years ago. The gourds were originally used as containers for carrying food from the Peruvian highlands. Traditional Gourds were carved with day to day activities, myths, dances and andean traditions. Today gourds are carved with modern patterns for decorative purposes. Mate means gourd. The gourds used in traditional craft are washed, peeled and dried in sun for 10-15 days. After the gourd is dried, the artist sketches their design on the gourd. Next, a buril or chisel is used to carve the patterns. The engraved gourd is smeared with oil and ash to fill the engravings, thus creating a black detail. The gourds are also burnt with burning piece of wood to create black color on the gourd.