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Rwanda Hand Woven Banana Sisal Angel Ornament Set of 2

* Set of two angel ornaments
* Woven from sisal fibers and banana fiber
* Fine sisal threads showcase a delicate detail
* Ornament measures 6.5" tall and 2.25" width
* A sisal loop is attached to hang
* Sisal fibers are extracted from dried agave leaves
* Made in Rwanda


Ibiseke means baskets in kinyarwanda,the language of Rwanda. The Tutsi people from Rwanda are known for making baskets across africa. Post Rwandan genocide, hand-crafted goods like woven baskets played a key role in helping Tutsi women to provide food and education for their families. Baskets are made from sisal fibers, banana leaves, banana stalks, and local forest grasses. Sisal fibers are extracted from the long leaves of an agave plant. The fibers are cleaned, dried, colored, and then woven into beautiful basket bowls, trivets, coasters, and more. Only natural dyes are used to color sisal fibers. The materials used for weaving baskets are all gathered and produced locally.