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Rwanda Hand Woven Colorful Stripes Sisal Ball Ornament Set

* Woven Ornament Set
* Set of three festive colored ball ornaments
* Red, blue and yellow color stripes pattern
* Balls wrapped with natural and color dyed sisal
* Sisal fibers are extracted from dried agave leaves
* Woven from sisal fibers and local grasses
* Made in Rwanda


Hand-crafted goods like woven baskets play a key role in helping women provide food and education for their families post the civil war in Rwanda. Baskets made from sisal fibers, banana leaves, banana stalks, and local forest grasses are popular in Rwanda. Sisal fibers are extracted from the long leaves of an agave plant. The fibers are cleaned, dried, colored, and then woven into beautiful basket bowls, trivets, coasters, and more. Only natural dyes are used to color sisal fibers. The materials used for weaving sisal baskets are all gathered and produced locally.