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Tibet Sand Cast Brass Small Travel Singing Bowl in Box

* Brass singing bowl in paper box
* Ideal for meditating during travel
* Bowl- 3" diameter, 1.5" height
* Box- 3" height, 3.5" width
* Sound resembles temple bells of Tibet
* Made from solid brass using sand casting technique
* Made in Lingstang, a Tibetan settlement colony in India


In 1959, the Chinese overran Tibet and began to serve cultural and religious persecution. The Tibetans began an exodus with their spiritual leader Dalai Lama to India. They created settlements in Dehradun, India and built metal foundries to make Drilbu and Dorje to continue their spiritual practice. Lingstang and Dharampura are two such Tibetan settlements in India. The metal foundries in these settlements practice sand casting technique to create beautiful brass artifacts for religious and decorative purposes.