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Zimbabwe Large Hand Carved Mahogany Wood Salad Bowl

* Large wooden bowl
* Salad servers not included
* Handcarved from mahogany wood
* Servers 4-6 people
* Approx. 14" diameter, 4" height
* Showcases natural grain
* Smooth sanded finish
* Each bowl is unique due to its handcrafted nature
* Handcarved by wooden carvers
* Made in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is known for two art styles. Wood carving and stone carving. Wood carving has a long history in Zimbabwe. Traditionally carvers crafted beautiful intricate pieces from ironwood, a very heavy and dense wood. Traditional pieces were finely carved pieces of people in Africa and its wildlife. Many different woods such as olive, mukwa, fresh teak and pod mahogany are also used. Our collection Zimbabwe wood includes more contemporary and practical products such as salad bowls. Each product is handcarved to showcase the natural grain and is carved from a single piece of wood.